samantha joy whelpley

🌿 Nourish'd Cafe and Juicery

Mobile app built with Angular/Ionic and the Shopify Storefront API to optimize the mobile shopping experience.


During my study abroad trip with iXperience, I had the opportunity to complete an internship with a local business and complete a project with them that related to the work we were doing in class with full-stack coding. I chose to work with Nourish'd because I loved the idea of working with small establishment prioritizing purity and health, and getting the chance to learn more about e-commerce.

I was on a team with 5 other students and we worked with the Marketing Manager and the founders. The goal with this project was to create a way for their customers to order juice cleanses through their Shopify store using a mobile app that better guided them through the process. When creating a juice cleanse, there are many options to consider and ways for customization. Their Shopify website alone did not have the capability to help customers in the necessary way.

Tech Stack

The cross-platform mobile app is build with Angular's Ionic framework. The backend uses Node.js to connect to the Shopify Storefront API, which uses GraphQL to pull data.


July to September 2019 (~3 months)


At the end of the study abroad program, my team had accomplished building a working mobile app. Though not released, it had the functionality to allow customers to successfully order a cleanse with all the necessary details sent to the store.

My major role in this project was becoming familiar with the Shopify API and connecting the frontend to the backend. At first, our team did not realize the availability of the Shopify API and how we could connect the store's exisitng information to our app (rather than creating a new API and database). So we spent some time researching options and determining how to implement the API calls into our app.

Once we learned how it would work, 2 members of our team worked on the UI of the app, 2 members worked on the backend, and 1 worked on backend as well as using Cordova for mobile notifications. I went back and forth between frontend and backend, making sure everything was working properly and helping team members debug issues. I really liked being in this role because I was able to get a very holistic view of the project and came to understand all of its pieces very well.

Screens from Nourish'd app: main store page, list of broth cleanses, and cart.