samantha joy whelpley

📝 prioriTask

Task management application developed with Material UI and the MERN tech stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js).

RedTree Web Design


During the summer 2020, I had the opportunity to do a project with the guidance of the RedTree Web Design team. I built a full-stack task management application, focusing on both the design and development aspects of the project. There are 3 main elements to my project:

  1. Front end using React and Material UI.
  2. REST API using Express and Mongoose.
  3. MongoDB database.

Tech Stack

I used the MERN stack for this project, meaning that I used MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. I also used Adobe XD to work out my design. Netlify, Heroku, and MongoDB Atlas was used to host the web application, API, and database respectively (for free).


May to August 2020 (3 months)


I began by discussing my ideas with the RedTree team, determining what it was I wanted to build and what should be included. From there, I spent 4 weeks on design, creating both low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes under the guidance of the designer. I decided to use material design principles because of the availability of existing libraries. After that, I went into development using React. I used Material UI for styling. This was my first time working with React and I enjoyed learning a new framework.

After making the basic frontend, I decided to work on a backend to add more functionality. I was able to create and host an API and database to allow interactivity with my hosted web app.

Feel free to also check out my code for the API.

Next Steps